To The Moon is a media outlet focused on creative professionals. Together with our experts and readers, we explore how ambitious creative people can turn their hobby into profit and raise investments in their projects.

We are inspired by stories of people who managed to raise investments in themselves rather than in projects, be it Alex Masmej, who sold his own tokens for $20,000, or Marina Mogilko, who raised $1.7M from Slow Ventures. We see this new economic mechanic as an inevitable future for creative and ambitious people.

While raising investments is a crucial moment that opens new possibilities for a talented person, there are a lot of open questions. How can they achieve that? How can they turn a creative hobby into a profession, start making money, raise investments and spend them wisely? To The Moon will guide you through all these topics.


Editor-in-chief and publisher:

Sultan Suleimanov


Arina Kryuchkova

News editor:

Denis Omelchenko

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